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Smaller, cheaper, faster - this is the prevalent attitude in today's business world. Technology is accelerating faster than ever before, and the ever-reliable printer is not about to be left behind.

This is particularly true since a significant portion of our lifestyle today relies on the barcode technology, which includes the printer and scanner. It is important for every company to have the most efficient devices in their workplace in order to keep up with the competition.

Samsung Electronics launched the world's lightest, most compact printer in 2007. You might think that such as small printer would have the most basic functionality but this is not the case. The CLX-2160 is a multi-function printer has easy-to-use functions for color printing, copying, and scanning.

Samsung CLX-2160is half the size of the usual MFP printer, and it is just small enough to be placed on a regular desk. It has a loyal following among personal users, business owners, and corporate users. The world's smallest printer also uses NO_NOIS TM or Non-Orbiting Noiseless Optic Imaging System. It lets users enjoy a quiet operation in any environment.

Another impressive feature of this printer is its focus on functionality. In fact, there is no need to have a direct connection with a computer for the CLX-2160 to work. The USB Direct function allows it to bypass the computer system to fulfill your printing, scanning, and storage needs through its USB 2.0 connection.

Advances in barcode technology promise a more efficient piece of equipment. Retailers can rest assured that their inventories are safe with today's reliable barcode products.

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