What is Needed to Print Barcode Labels?

February 13, 2023
how to print barcode labels

How to Print Barcode Labels?

If you operate a business that sells goods, you will likely need the ability to print barcode labels. For newer startups or companies that need to change their operations, this post is for you. We’ll go through what you will need for printing labels including hardware, labels and all the printing supplies you will need to starte printing ASAP.

What Supplies are Necessary?

Barcode Printer: Probably the first piece of equipment you will need in order to begin printing labels is the actual printing device. Pme in various sirinters cozes and features based on what the actual need is. A standard barcode printer is a stationary printer that is able to print labels at larger volumes. These are an excellent choice for shipping purposes or creating labels for other goods to be sold or shipped as they can create different label types in different sizes and in higher volume.

The type of printer you will need is dependent on your specific need. If you only need to print labels from a single location, a standard desktop printer will likely be your best choice. However, if you are needing to print labels while in the field or on the go or otherwise not in one single location, a mobile barcode printer is the perfect device.

Thermal Transfer or Direct Thermal?

There is a distinction between the types of labels used in the barcode printing process. A thermal transfer label is a label created with a ribbon and a printhead. This method is used to print very high-quality barcodes. A thermal printhead provides heat to transfer ink from the ribbon to the label and is the preferred method for creating labels that will need to stand up for harsher environments and last longer.

Direct thermal, on the other hand, are more generic labels that are created by a chemically treated, heat-sensitive process that blackens the label when sent through a thermal printhead. This method is generally cheaper to produce labels but they are also less rugged than thermal transfer labels and will not last as long.

Other Supplies

Labels: To print labels, actual labels will be necessary (obviously). Labels come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. Browse Barcode Discount’s full label selection to find the right label types you will need. A large selection of labels is available including healthcare labels, blank labels, shipping labels, waterproof labels, fanfold labels and much much more.

Software: Label printing software provides flexibility allowing you to create your own designs and print barcode labels. Any printing operation should include barcode label software.

Ribbons: The last piece to get your label printing operation up and running will be the addition of label ribbons. Label ribbons are the material used to transfer the label contents onto the actual label itself. Selecting good quality ribbons is imperative to the label printing process.

For any assistance in starting or enhancing your printing operation, contact a Barcode Discount specialist for assistance.

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