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Datalogic Gryphon Barcode Scanners

The Datalogic Gryphon has been discontinued. No direct replacement is available.
Please contact us for a suitable substitute.

A host of features provides optimized reading performance with the Datalogic Gryphon reader series.

Designed for optimal reading performance the Datalogic Gryphon has thorough feedback capabilities with an ergonomic design to provide for instinctive use and readability.
  • Extremely snappy reading performance with speeds up to 325 reads/second
  • Extended reading distances including up to 60.0 cm / 23.6 in for 13 mil UPC/EAN 13 labels
  • Wide 42 degrees scan angle for reading wider codes
  • Datalogic's patented 'Green Spot' technology for good-read feedback
  • Remote Host Download lowers service costs and improves operations (GD4110 Model)
  • Multiple interface solutions support most popular interfaces including USB, RS-232, Keyboard wedge, IBM 46XX and Wand
  • Checkpoint Systems EAS compatible model
  • USB Certified Kits Available
Gryphon Options
Datalogic Gryphon D200 (901661060)
Gryphon D200, PDF417 Keyboard wedge kit. Includes PS/2 cable & manual. Color: white.
Datalogic Gryphon D130 (901651110)
Gryphon D130, USB kit, with scanner and USB cable. Color: Gray
Datalogic Gryphon (901651100)
Gryphon, Scanner only, cables not included. See accessories. Color: Black
Datalogic Gryphon D130 (901651094)
Gryphon D130, Scanner only, D130 version, cables not included. See accessories. Color: Gray.
Specs: Wired - CCD
Datalogic Gryphon D130 (901651092)
Gryphon D130, (LR and Multi-Interface) - Color: Gray
Specs: Wired - CCD
Datalogic Gryphon D100 (901651086)
Gryphon D100, Mult-interface. Requires cable. See accessories. Color: black.
Datalogic Gryphon D432 (901711014)
Gryphon D432, Plus (ESD, 2D, SH4248)
Datalogic Gryphon D432 (901711000)
Gryphon D432, 2D Scanner only with image capture. Cable not included. Color: gray
Datalogic Gryphon D432 (901661091)
Gryphon D432, Color: White. Scanner Only - Cables and accessories must be purchased separately. These include USB (Part# 90A051945) or RS-232 Serial cables (Part# 90A051330) and a Power supply (Part# 90ACC1893).
Datalogic Gryphon D230 (901661087)
Gryphon D230, Scanner only, cables not included. See accessories. Color: Gray.
Specs: Wired - CCD
Datalogic Gryphon (901661075)
Gryphon, D200 (ESD Gun Only)
Datalogic Gryphon D200 (901661000)
Gryphon D200, PDF417 scanner. Order cables & power supply/AC adapter (for RS-232 operation) separately. See accessories.
Datalogic Gryphon D100 (901651000)
Gryphon D100, LT. GRY REFER TO 901651094
Recommended Accessories
Datalogic (HLD-G040-BK)
Desk/Wall Holder (G040 Black)
In Stock: Ships Today
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Datalogic Cable (90G000008)
Cable, RS-232 Cable - DB-9 - 2 meter
In Stock: Ships Today
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Datalogic (STD-G040-BK)
Gooseneck Stand for Gryphon Scanners - Color: Dark gray
In Stock: Ships Today
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Datalogic (RBP-GM40)
Replacement Battery - Compatible with GM4100
In Stock: Ships Today
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Datalogic (BC4010-BK-BT)
BC4010-Bluetooth Base/Charger (Multi Interface, IBM) - Color: Black
In Stock: Ships Today
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Datalogic Gryphon Details


  • RSS symbologies, PDF417 and linear barcode decoding
  • Several models available combining different interface set: USB, RS232, Pen Emulation, Wedge. Connectivity to the IBM 46xx POS cash registers

The new Gryphon reader series has been developed by Datalogic to provide optimised reading performance through excellent ergonomic design. The "INSTINCTIVE READING DISTANCE", a concept introduced by Datalogic a few years ago based on in-depth ergonomic studies, represents the natural position of the user while reading a code. The Gryphon series, takes this concept one step further; optimised optics allow reading of the most popular standard codes with superior depths of field from near contact to over 30 cm. The "green spot", (Datalogic patent application) produced by the Gryphon provides "good reading" feedback directly on the code, where the user usually tends to be looking. The Gryphon connectivity is now further expanded thanks to the introduction of new tethered models: besides the standard Gryphon models D100 and D200, are now available the new Gryphon USB models D120, D220 that provide full compatibility with every application that exploits the USB interface: USB KBD Wedge, USB COM emulation and USB IBM POS. Furthermore the D110 model provides complete connectivity to main IBM cash registers and POS terminals. The Gryphon M100 and M200, allow operations anywhere mobility is required at the desk/POS and around the shop floor, as well as in a small warehouse. In addition, the Gryphon readers are now ready to read Reduced Space Symbology (RSS), an emerging symbology that can be printed on a smaller label and meet emerging market needs for a greater amount of data on a symbol.



  • POS/In-Store

  • Shop/Small Warehouse Management

  • Document Handling

In typical retail environments such as a supermarket point-of-sale, the Gryphon complements flat bed scanners perfectly, providing support by reading heavy and large items as well as poor quality and damaged labels. It can also be useful in all activities that take place on the shop floor (e.g. department store) where incoming goods data logging, inventory management, price verification and document management are common activities. The ergonomic retail stand together with the automatic code detecting function allow hand-free scanning typical of a presentation scanner, in checkout environments where small items must be read frequently.


  • Document Handling

  • Front Office Services

  • Shipping and Receiving

Document handling and front desk processing are some of the most common applications in post offices, as shipping and receiving inside warehouses. In these environments, where ergonomics and reading performance are a must, the Gryphon series produces highly productive results, especially in sequential operations, thanks to its promptness and flexibility. The new optimized optics provide outstanding reading performance, while the hands-free stand allows the operator to better manage documents and small parcels providing ergonomics and a user-friendly working environment.


  • Work in Progress

  • Quality Control

  • Tracking

The Gryphon also provides excellent value for applications in manufacturing environments. There are various processes in the manufacturing environment, typically consisting of assembly line material tracking, inventory management, quality control and work-in-progress. These processes are performed at the highest level of accuracy and speed thanks to the new Gryphon reader. Its high mechanical resistance guarantees product duration and investment protection. The good reading "green spot" directly on the barcode also provides the user with clear reading feedback, useful in noisy environments. The Desk and wall holder accessories allow the user to put the reader in a safe place when not in use.

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