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Honeywell Granit Series Barcode Scanner

Honeywell Granit Series Barcode Scanner

The Granit 1910i industrial-grade area-imaging scanner is designed to withstand the varied demands that exist in harsh working environments. Featuring a custom built housing that is redefining the standard for scanner reliability.
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  • Optimized for Scanning-Intensive Industrial Applications
  • Reads any 1D or 2D Barcode
  • Adaptus 6.0 Imaging Technology
  • Extended Linear Depth of Field
  • Outstanding Scan Performance on Poor Quality and Damaged Barcodes
  • Class-Leading Durability
  • Available in Corded or Cordless Versions

Features and Benefits

Class-Leading Durability: The custom built IP65-rated housing is able to withstand 5,000 3.3A' (1 m) tumbles and survive 50 drops from 6.5A' (2 m) at -30 C (-22AÁ¸F) reducing service costs and increasing device uptime

Optimized for Scanning-Intensive Industrial Applications:
Adaptus 6.0 Imaging Technology provides aggressive bar code reading and unrivaled accuracy while the scanner feedback is enhanced for use in extreme environments

TotalFreedom 2.0:
The second-generation of Honeywell's area-imaging development platform enables the loading and linking of multiple applications to enhance image decoding, data formatting and image processing-eliminating the need for host system modifications

Outstanding Scan Performance on Poor Quality and Damaged Bar Codes:
Maintains productivity by providing a worry-free scanning solution that minimizes manual entry

Extended Linear Depth of Field:
Scans out-of-reach items with ease and allows users to scan 20 mil linear codes out to 29.5E? (75 cm) without sacrificing performance on 2D codes

Remote MasterMind Scanning Management Software:
Quick and convenient solution for IT administrators seeking to manage the scanners within their network from a single remote location
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  1. Honeywell 1990iXLR-3SER-N Barcode Scanner
    Part #: 1990iXLR-3SER-N | SKU: HON709443

    Barcode Scanners - Honeywell Granit XP 1990iXLR - Serial Kit: Tethered - 1D/2D - XLR Focus - (Part# 1990iXLR-3) and RS232 Industrial Grade Cable (Part# CBL-020-300-C00)
    MSRP: $1,161.06 Price: $826.40
  2. Honeywell 1920IDPM-3USB Barcode Scanner
    Part #: 1920IDPM-3USB | SKU: HON500361

    Corded Scanner - Honeywell Granit 1920i DPM - 1D/2D/DPM/PDF417 Imager - Rugged - USB - Handheld - USB Type A 3M Straight Cable/Vibrator - Red
    MSRP: $1,608.00 Price: $1,144.49
  3. Honeywell 1920IDPM-3SER Barcode Scanner
    Part #: 1920IDPM-3SER | SKU: HON500360

    Corded Scanner - Honeywell Granit 1920i DPM - 1D/2D/DPM/PDF417 Imager - Rugged - RS-232 Serial - Handheld - Scanner Only - Red
    MSRP: $1,814.80 Price: $1,489.19
  4. Honeywell 1280IFR-3SER Barcode Scanner
    Part #: 1280IFR-3SER | SKU: HON281426

    Corded Scanner - Honeywell Granit 1280i - 1D Laser - Rugged - RS-232 Serial - Handheld - RS-232 DB9 Female/3M Coiled Cable - Red
  5. Honeywell 1980IFR-3 Barcode Scanner
    Part #: 1980IFR-3 | SKU: HON361224

    SCANNER ONLY - 2D Imager - Color: Red - Full Range Focus - Cables sold separately - RS232 Industrial Grade cable (Part# CBL-020-300-C00-01) - USB Industrial grade (Part# CBL-500-300-S00-03).
  6. Honeywell 1911IER-3USB-5 Barcode Scanner
    Part #: 1911IER-3USB-5 | SKU: HON206957

    USB Kit - Cordless - 2D Imager - ER Focus - Charge and Communication base - USB cable
  7. Honeywell 1981IFR-3USB-5 Barcode Scanner
    Part #: 1981IFR-3USB-5 | SKU: HON361833

    USB Kit - 2D Imager - FR focus - Bluetooth - Cordless - Color: Red - Includes Charger/Communications Cradle - Includes USB Cable
  8. Honeywell 1981IFR-3 Barcode Scanner
    Part #: 1981IFR-3 | SKU: HON361831

    Granit 1981i Barcode SCANNER ONLY - 1D/2D Imager - FR focus - Bluetooth Cordless - Cradle and cables sold separately
  9. Honeywell 1981IFR-3SER-5 Barcode Scanner
    Part #: 1981IFR-3SER-5 | SKU: HON361832

    Honeywell Granit 1981i Wireless Industrial-Grade Full-Range Scanner - Wireless Connectivity - 49.21 ft Scan Distance - Imager - Bluetooth
  10. Honeywell 1910IER-3 Barcode Scanner
    Part #: 1910IER-3 | SKU: HON206954

    SCANNER ONLY - 2D Imager - Extended Range - Interface cable sold separately - For full kit purchase (Part# 1910IER-3USB-N)

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Recommended Accessories for Model: Honeywell Granit Series Barcode Scanner

  • Honeywell REM-CLIENT-SCAN-NM Products
    Part #: REM-CLIENT-SCAN-NM | SKU: HON243323

    Price: $18.46
  • Honeywell SW-2D-19XX Software
    Part #: SW-2D-19XX | SKU: HON595762

    Software upgrade, Granit 191Xi 1D to 2D
    Price: $159.18
  • Honeywell CBL-500-300-C00 Accessory
    Part #: CBL-500-300-C00 | SKU: HON117198

    Honeywell 1900/1200G/1300G Cable: USB - black - Type A - 3m (9.8') - coiled - 5V host power
    MSRP: $29.05 Price: $25.97
  • Honeywell CBL-500-300-S00 Accessory
    Part #: CBL-500-300-S00 | SKU: HON87049

    Straight USB Cable - Type A - 5V Host Power - Color: Black - 9.8-feet (3m) Length - Works with Select Honeywell Scanners
    MSRP: $29.05 Price: $25.97
  • Honeywell CBL-500-500-C00 Accessory
    Part #: CBL-500-500-C00 | SKU: HON111720

    USB Cable - 16.4' Coiled - 5V host power - Color: Black
    MSRP: $31.97 Price: $30.24

Recommended Warranties for Model: Honeywell Granit Series Barcode Scanner


    TrueSupport Basic Plan for Scanners - 1 Year - Includes: Hardware Help Desk Support, RMA Triage, OEM Service contract mgmt.
    Price: $16.50
  • Honeywell SVC2DAYDEPOT-SCN3 Service Contract
    Part #: SVC2DAYDEPOT-SCN3 | SKU: HON604167

    AddOn, Edge Service, 2-Day Depot Upgrade, 3-Year Agreement, Requires purchase of a 3-Year Gold Maintenance Contract.
    MSRP: $114.83 Price: $103.55
  • Honeywell SVC2DAYDEPOT-SCN5 Service Contract
    Part #: SVC2DAYDEPOT-SCN5 | SKU: HON604168

    AddOn, Edge Service, 2-Day Depot Upgrade, 5-Year Agreement, Requires purchase of a 5-Year Gold Maintenance Contract.
    MSRP: $153.11 Price: $138.06
  • Honeywell SVC2DAYDEPOT-SCN1 Service Contract
    Part #: SVC2DAYDEPOT-SCN1 | SKU: HON616488

    AddOn, Edge Service, 2-Day Depot Upgrade, 1-Year Agreement, Requires purchase of a 1-Year Gold Maintenance Contract.
    MSRP: $38.29 Price: $34.54
  • Honeywell ISCAN2-REPAIR Service Contract
    Part #: ISCAN2-REPAIR | SKU: HON402773

    Flat Rate Repair fee for 1911i, 1981i, 3820i and 4820i. This charge is for any required repair not covered by warranty or comprehensive service.
    Price: $349.61

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