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Honeywell Quick Check PC600 Barcode Verifiers

RJS Inspector D4000 Auto Optic and Laser A newer version of this item is available.
It is replaced by the RJS Inspector D4000 Auto Optic and Laser.

Manage the quality of your barcodes from your PC or Laptop

The Quick Check PC600 Verifier is a professional quality control tool for verifying the readability and standards compliance of printed barcodes. It consists of a Windows based software package and mouse wand or pen wand barcode optical sensing device and an interface which connects to the serial port of an IBM compatible desktop or laptop PC. For printing receiving or using barcodes in manufacturing or distribution applications the Quick Check PC600 Verifier provides quick and easy-to-view full ANSI-CEN EN1635 test parameter analysis and traditional Pass-Fail parameters. QCPC600 is manufactured and traceable to N.I.S.T. standards as fabricated by the U.C.C. (Uniform Code Council) and AIM (Automatic Identification Manufacturer).
  • Interchangeable Optical Input Devices - Multiple aperture choices in a single product
Quick Check PC600 Options
Honeywell Quick Check PC600 (QCPC600W10VR1)
Quick Check PC600, Barcode Verifier (Pen Wand, 10mil, Visible Red and US Version)
Honeywell Quick Check PC600 (QCPC600W06VR1)
Quick Check PC600, QuickCheck PC600 Verifier (with 6mil, Visible Red and Pen Wand)
Specs: 9 MM EMAX SW E
Honeywell Quick Check PC600 (QCPC600M06VR1)
Quick Check PC600, Barcode Verifier (with 6 mil, Visible Red and Mouse Wand)
Specs: TM-J2100 BLUE
Honeywell Quick Check PC600 (QCPC600M03VR1)
Quick Check PC600, Barcode Verifier (Mouse Wand, 3 Mil, Visible Red and 110 Volt US Standard Connector)

Honeywell Quick Check PC600 Details

Quick Check PC600 Barcode symbol reproduction accuracy is critical throughout the distribution supply chain, especially in an era of stringent compliance programs. With HHP verification products you can be assured that you can produce, receive, and use barcodes that meet these tough requirements with Quick Check verifiers The QC600 and QC800 verifiers analyze barcode quality against traditional quality parameters and ANSI/CEN/ISO barcode print quality guidelines. Each unit includes all standard symbologies and is manufactured and traceable to N.I.S.T. (National Institute of Standards and Technology) standards developed by the U.C.C. (Uniform Code Council) and AIM (Automatic Identification Manufacturers). For testing traditional and full ANSI/CEN/ISO parameters, HHP offers the full-feature QC600 Series. These models perform quick pass/fail tests or use more powerful measuring tools for highly detailed analysis. The QC800 Series offers the convenience of simple aim-and-shoot verification through the use of a QC3800V, a customized IT3800 hand held linear imager. Full traditional and ANSI/CEN/ISO dimensional, reflectance, and format tests can also be performed using optional mouse and pen style wands.

Free 5 day QCVIEWERII-DEMO,HHP's newly designed printer emulation software. Requires Windows 98, NT, or2000 and HHP's QC200, 600, or 800 series verifiers with appropriate cable (cable included with purchased software).

Need ISO conformance? All HHP verifiers are designed to meet ISO/IEC standards 15416 (the barcode print quality test speculation) and 15426-1 (barcode verifier conformance). A certificate stating this conformance is included with every new verifier from HHP. New firmware revision (rev U11) for Quick Check 600 and 800 series verifiers is now available. This new revision supports changes in the SCC industry application format tests and reports. The new firmware is included in all product shipped as of 5/23/03. To receive upgrades to existing units, please contact Quick Check PC600 Product Service Department.

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