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Intermec Trakker Antares T2420 Accessories

The Trakker Antares T2420 Accessories include power and data transmission cables, chargers for batteries, user manuals, software and communication docks.
Trakker Antares T2420 Accessories
Intermec (236-164-002)
USB Cable - 6.5 feet - With Keyboard Emulation
Specs: USB - 6.5 ft.
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Intermec (321-611-102)
Cable, USB-A to USB-Mini B Plug, 2M (Use with CN3CN4 series Single Docks (871-025-002) or Vehicle Dock USB Adapter Cable (VE011-2016) for conneciton to PB42 printer or other peripherals equipped with USB-Mini B Female jack)
Specs: Type A Male USB - Mini Type B Female USB - 6.56 ft.
Ships in 3-5 Days
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Intermec (321-497-101)
Serial Cable, DB-9M/DB9F, 6 ft., (Use with CK60 Single Docks or RS-232 Snap-on Adapter for connection to DCE serial devices.)
Ships in 3-5 Days
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Intermec (236-137-001)
Cable Assembly (RP SMA Plug/RP N Recept)
Ships in 3-5 Days
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Intermec (203-776-001)
Cable Assembly Kit (Data, IV7B/C)
Specs: 12 ft. - Antenna
Ships in 3-5 Days
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Intermec (1-974022-018)
Cable (1.8 meters, IEE 1284 Parallel)
Specs: 5.91 ft.
Ships in 3-5 Days
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Intermec (Z2400A)
4-Pack Battery Charger (Order Power supply 065236 separately)
Intermec (VE012-8017-A2)
Cable (Dual, 3P F to 5P F, Y-cable with Cap)
Intermec (TD2400A)
Communications Dock for the T24XX Terminals (Order Power supply 065236 separately)
Intermec (75286CCS)
Scanner Cable
Intermec (64021)
Optical RS-232 serial adapter for the T2425 and T2420 terminals
Intermec (586105)
AC Power cord (US)
Intermec (583403-001)
Cable (10-Pin) for the 151X Series, J2010, T242X and 97XX
Intermec (4010-INT)
Trakker T2420/T2425 with handle fabric case
Intermec (321-593-001)
Serial Cable (6 feet, 9 COND, DE-9M to DE-9F, RS-232)
Intermec (321-582-001)
Cable (Y-Data DB-9 Power 3P to DB-25 Data Power Cable to VDock)
Intermec (321-574-002)
Reverse SEX SMA Extension Cable (120 inch Coax)
Intermec (321-355-001)
Cable (6 feet, DB-9 to DB-25)
Intermec (3-414038-71)
Cable (6 feet, USB)
Specs: Type A Male USB - Type B Male USB - 6 ft.
Intermec (226-295-001)
Adapter Cable (Cable to Cable) for 6710-6910
Intermec (216-858-001)
Cable (20 feet, Part of 203-300-005)
Intermec (216-427-001)
Interface Cable
Intermec (206-875-009)
Cable (22 feet, Truck Power)
Intermec (073152)
Battery Pack (Lithium Ion, 2200 mAh - Replaces 068537)
Specs: Lithium Ion (Lithium-ion) - 7.4V DC, 8.4V DC
Intermec (068393)
Pistol Grip Handle
Intermec (066840-001)
Spare Cable Assembly (Power supply, Input Low Voltage)
Intermec (065236)
Universal Power Supply 50-60Hz (includes US Cord)
Intermec (064024)
TRAKKER 242X User's Manual
Intermec (064018)
Holster & Belt
Intermec (064017)
Vehicle Mount Holder

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