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Metrologic MS9520 Voyager Barcode Scanner

Metrologic MS9520 Voyager Barcode Scanner

With a futuristic design and high-performance scanning technology the MS9520 is clearly the most advanced auto-triggered scanner on the market today. Enabled for both In-stand and Out-of-stand operation Voyager can be used as a handheld and fixed presentation scanner. The feature-packed Voyager comes equipped with PowerLink user-replaceable cables and power supply MetroSelect one-code programming MetroSet Windows-based software configuration utility Bits n' Pieces data editing utility and an Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) option. The MS9520 Voyager is perfect for many applications including point-of-sale inventory control and commercial-warehouse applications. With its aggressive performance and comfortable design Voyager is far and away the most advanced scanner on the market today.
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  • Adjustable Stand
  • Both handheld and fixed projection
  • Flash ROM with Meteor upgrade utility
  • PowerLink, user-replaceable cables
  • Short-range and Long range activation
  • Supports commonly used interfaces, including USB
MS9520 Voyagerhas been cleared for takeoff! With a futuristic design and advanced scanningsystem, Voyager is the most advanced single-line, hand-held bar code scanneron the market today.

MS9520 Voyager features Metrologic's proprietaryCodeGate technology. CodeGate is an intuitive scanning system that isideal for all scanning applications, including menu-scanning, Point-of-Sale,document processing, and inventory, just to name a few.

CodeGate works hand-in-hand with Metrologic's patented automatic-triggeringscheme. Simply present a bar code to thescanner; the high-visibility,650-nm laser is automatically activated allowing the user to easily selectthe bar code to be scanned. Press the CodeGate button and the data istransmitted to the host system.

Equipped with both In-Stand and Out-of-Stand operation, MS9520 Voyager can be used as both a hand-held and fixed projection scanner.Voyager automatically senses when it is placed in the stand and de-activatesthe CodeGate button.

The MS9520 Voyager is packed with all of the same features as theMS9520 Voyager , with the exception of CodeGate.

Two Models, Great looks, Top Performance... MS9520 Voyager and Metrologic MS9540 VoyagerCG Scanners have it all!

Extended Details
  1. Metrologic MS9520-40-3 Barcode Scanner
    Part #: MS9520-40-3 | SKU: MET210555

    MS9520 Voyager, SCANNER ONLY, 1D Laser. Color: Black. Cables and accessories must be purchased separately. For the full kit purchase (Part# MK9520-32A38).
  2. Metrologic MK9520-72B41 Barcode Scanner
    Part #: MK9520-72B41 | SKU: MET1778

    Handheld scanner (with RS-232 Cables, Power supply, and Mask Stand)
  3. Metrologic MK9520-37A38 Barcode Scanner
    Part #: MK9520-37A38 | SKU: MET16208

    Handheld scanner (Built-in USB, Hardmount Plate, Cable and Stand)
  4. Metrologic MK9520-32B41 Barcode Scanner
    Part #: MK9520-32B41 | SKU: MET1781

    Handheld scanner (with RS-232 Interface, Cables, Power supply and Stand) - Color: Black
  5. Metrologic MK9520-72A38 Barcode Scanner
    Part #: MK9520-72A38 | SKU: MET1779

    USB Kit - 1D Laser - USB cable - Stand - Color: Gray
  6. Metrologic MK9520-32A38 Barcode Scanner
    Part #: MK9520-32A38 | SKU: MET6242

    USB Kit - 1D Laser - Corded - Color: Black - Includes USB cable and stand
  7. Metrologic MK9520-32A47 Barcode Scanner
    Part #: MK9520-32A47 | SKU: MET25585

    MS9520 Voyager, PS/2 kit, 1D Laser. Includes PS/2 coiled cable and stand. Color: Black.
  8. Metrologic MK9520-32B47 Barcode Scanner
    Part #: MK9520-32B47 | SKU: MET6157

    Handheld Auto-triggered Scanner (with Keyboard wedge Interface, Mask Stand, and 110V Power supply) - Color: Black
  9. Metrologic MK9520-37A47 Barcode Scanner
    Part #: MK9520-37A47 | SKU: MET31878

    Handheld scanner (with Mask Stand Ruby Gray Hard Mount)
  10. Metrologic MS9520-38-3 Barcode Scanner
    Part #: MS9520-38-3 | SKU: MET210045

    MS9520 Voyager, SCANNER ONLY, 1D Laser. Cable and accessories must be purchased separately. Color: Black. For the full kit purchase (Part# MK9520-32A38).

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Recommended Accessories for Model: Metrologic MS9520 Voyager Barcode Scanner

  • Honeywell HOLDER-009-U Accessory
    Part #: HOLDER-009-U | SKU: HON185505

    HOLDER, UNIVER HLDR (DESK/WALL). Non-Cancelable/Non-Returnable.
    Price: $24.82
  • Honeywell 53-53235-N-3 Accessory
    Part #: 53-53235-N-3 | SKU: HON83408

    9.5' Coiled USB Cable. Type A connector. Color: Black.
    MSRP: $27.67 Price: $25.21
  • Honeywell STND-23R03-006-4 Accessory
    Part #: STND-23R03-006-4 | SKU: HON141411

    Scanner Stand, 23cm (9") stand height, rigid rod, weighted mid-sized universal base, Hyperion 1300 sliding cradle
    MSRP: $47.47 Price: $39.18
  • Honeywell 46-00913 Accessory
    Part #: 46-00913 | SKU: HON141358

    Wall mount stand for MK7580
    MSRP: $32.92 Price: $28.20
  • Honeywell 46-00525-6 Power Device
    Part #: 46-00525-6 | SKU: HON453630

    Power Supply - 90 to 255 AC Input Voltage - 1A Output Current - North American Plug - Works with Select Honeywell Scanners
    MSRP: $55.88 Price: $45.75

Recommended Warranties for Model: Metrologic MS9520 Voyager Barcode Scanner

  • Honeywell SVC9520-1LC5 Service Contract
    Part #: SVC9520-1LC5 | SKU: HON363492

    Honeywell Limited Comprehensive - 5 Year Extended Service - Service - Carry-in - Maintenance - Parts & Labor - Electronic, Physical Service
  • Honeywell HHSCAN1-REPAIR Service Contract
    Part #: HHSCAN1-REPAIR | SKU: HON402769

    Flat Rate Repair fee for 9590, 9520, 9540, 5145, 4206, 3800, 3200, 3780, 1200, 1250, and 1300. This charge is for any required repair not covered by warranty or comprehensive service.

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