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Mobile Epiphany Products

Mobile Epiphany Products

Products and parts from Mobile-Epiphany.
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  1. Mobile Epiphany Software
    Part #: MEWRSL-FEI | SKU: MOB306770

    Web Reporting Service - for purchase and install inside a cleints IT facility. one time license fee.
    Price: $39,225.87
  2. Mobile Epiphany Software
    Part #: MEFEISL | SKU: MOB306771

    Full Enterprise Server Licensing. One Time.
    Price: $32,688.22
  3. Mobile Epiphany Service Contract
    Part #: ME2DBPW | SKU: MOB306772

    2 Day Business Process Discovery Workshop which includes 2 business process analysts, performing the workshop via video webinar. The workshop will include working with a group of operations people (the process owners) to extract the details of the process, fully scope and document the process, and map it to Mobile Epiphany''s mobile technology. 2 Business Analysts for 2 days with 45 hours of Documentation time.
    Price: $19,848.28
  4. Mobile Epiphany Software
    Part #: MEHOSTBPD-AMF | SKU: MOB306773

    Annual Maintenance Fee for Hosted Solution Business Process Designer Add-On. Per license per year (starting in the second year).
    Price: $13,075.28
  5. Mobile Epiphany Software
    Part #: MEWRSL-FEI-AMF | SKU: MOB306775

    Annual Maintenance Fee for Web Reporting Server License - Full enterpise install. Per license per year (starting in the second year).
    Price: $9,806.46
  6. Mobile Epiphany Software
    Part #: MEFEISL-AMF | SKU: MOB306776

    Annual Maintenance Fee for Full Enterprise Server Licensing. Per license per year (starting in the second year).
    Price: $8,172.06
  7. Mobile Epiphany Software
    Part #: MEWRSH | SKU: MOB306777

    Web Reporting Services including 500 GB of data, hosted in the cloud and secured accessible from anywhere via a web broswer. Per month, unlimted users, 500GB storage.
    Price: $3,791.84
  8. Mobile Epiphany Software
    Part #: MEHSEP | SKU: MOB306779

    Hosted Solution Entire Mobile Epiphany Process Platform includes all features, function add-ons, and applications in the ME suite of tools. For a Hosted solution purchase, unlike SaaS, the customer buys the mobile app license up front and only pays for the monthly hosting of the data. This saves the customer money over time, especially in usage patterns that exceed about 18 months. Includes Client License and and first year maintenance fee. One Time per license.
    Price: $1,306.22
  9. Mobile Epiphany Software
    Part #: MEYRSEP | SKU: MOB306780

    SaaS Entire Mobile Epiphany Process Platform, including all features, function add-ons, applications in the ME suite of tools, and One gigabyte of Data Hosting (per license) in ME''s Cloud Servers. (Minimum Annual Contract). Per YEAR per license.
    Price: $1,294.45
  10. Mobile Epiphany Software
    Part #: MEYRSAMA | SKU: MOB306781

    SaaS Touch Mobile Advanced Application includes Client Licenses and One gigabyte of Data Hosting (per license) in ME''s Cloud Servers. Advanced applications include all advanced answer types and other features not found in the Standard application, such as full File Type Manager, Hierarchical lists, Self Depleting lists and Math. (Minimum Annual Contract). Per YEAR per license.
    Price: $902.19

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