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Motorola SPT1500 & 1550 Accessories

Motorola's single slot serial cradle provides one to one HotSync capability between a single SPT 1500 and a user's PC. This is typical of a consumer application or a business-vertical market application where only a few users will be synchronizing their SPT 1500 to the same PC. HotSync synchronization between an SPT 1500 terminal and a host computer is easily done using standard Desktop Software from Motorola or to Palm OS Platform Custom conduit software can also be developed for specialized applications.
SPT1500 & 1550 Accessories
Symbol (11-43912-03R)
Stylus (Tethered, 3 Pack) for the 18/28/88XX
Specs: Plastic - Dark gray
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Symbol (KT-67524-01)
Screen Protector Kit (3 Pack For use with applications with high touch screen usage, Symbol recommends the use of a screen protector to minimize wear and tear) for the 1550
Symbol (CRD1500-101S)
CRD 1500 Single Slot Cradle (International Power supply) for the SPT 1500
Specs: Serial - 1 Slot (s) - Symbol SPT1550 Handheld Terminal
Symbol (CRD1500-100S)
1 Slot Serial-Charging Cradle Kit (with US Power supply)
Specs: Serial - 1 Slot (s) - Gray - Symbol SPT1550 Handheld Terminal
Symbol (CRD1500-1000SC)
Cradle (1-Slot, Serial, Rechargeable) for the SPT 1500
Specs: Motorola CRD1500 Cradle
Symbol (CRD1500-1000S)
The Single-Slot Serial Cradle for the SPT1500 provides HotSync Capability
Symbol (A9110091)
Hotsync Cable (for the SPT1500 and SPT1550)
Specs: Serial
Symbol (70245-001)
Connector Cable (PC to Ethernet Cradle) for the SPT 1500-1700
Symbol (50-14001-002)
Internal Power supply for cradle, SPT15XX, 85-264V. Requires AC Cord.
Specs: 85 to 264V AC Input Voltage - 8V DC Output Voltage - 0.7A Output Current
Symbol (50-14000-120)
Power supply (105-129 VAC, 8 VDC Adapter) for the SPT 15XX
Symbol (21-43771-11)
Spare Battery Door (for Use with Recharge Kits) for the SPT 1500
Specs: Motorola Spare Battery Door
Symbol (21-42921-01)
Spare Battery Pack (NiMH) for SPT 1500 Terminals
Specs: Motorola Rechargable Battery
Symbol (21-36173-01)
Ruggedizer Boot (for SPT 1500 Terminals)
Specs: Motorola Ruggedizer Boot
Symbol (170-0151)
Stylus (Metal, with Built-in Reset) for SPT 1500-1700 Palm Terminals and PPT 2700 Pocketable Computers
Specs: Handheld Terminal Accessory
Symbol (160-0362R)
Stylus (3-Pack, Dark gray) for the SPT 1500
Specs: Plastic - Dark gray
Symbol (160-0362)
Stylus (3-Pack) for SPT 1500-1700 Palm Terminals and PPT 2700-2800 Pen Terminals
Specs: PDT Accessory
Symbol (160-0072)
Adapter (DB-9 to DB-25) for the SPT 1500 Palm Terminal
Symbol (11-67289-01R)
Stylus (STD Replacement, 3/Pack)
Specs: Plastic
Symbol (11-67289-01)
Stylus (Standard Replacement, 3-Pack)
Specs: Mobile Computer Accessory - Symbol MC50 Mobile Computer
Symbol (11-43912-03)
Tethered Stylus (3-Pack) for PPT 2700 and SPT 1700 Terminals
Specs: PDT Accessory - Symbol SPT 1700 Terminals, Symbol PPT 2700 Terminals
Symbol (11-42794-03)
Stylus (Palm, Tethered, 3-Pack)
Symbol (11-37232-01)
Ruggedizer Holster (for the SPT 1500 Palm Terminal)
Specs: Mobile Computer Accessory
Symbol (11-36244-03R)
Stylus - 3 Pack - Yellow - Compatible with SPT1800, PPT8800, MC9060-K, AND MC9060-S
Specs: Plastic - Yellow
Symbol (11-36244-03)
Stylus (Yellow, 3-Pack)
Specs: Portable Data Terminal Accessory - Symbol SPT 1700 Portable Data Terminal, Symbol SPT 1800 Portable Data Terminal
Symbol (11-36097-02)
Case (Vinyl Flip Cover Case with Clip for Belt Holster) for the SPT 1500
Specs: Motorola Vinyl Flip Case Cover
Symbol (11-35838-01)
Leather Bifold Case (for the 1550) (Now included with SPT1550, no longer sold separately)

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