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PSC 310 & 315 Accessories

The 310 & 315 Accessories are listed below. Here you will find cradles, batteries, holsters, cases and cables.
310 & 315 Accessories
PSC (R44-2314)
Manual (User Guide) for the Falcon
Specs: Portable Data Terminal Accessory
PSC (R44-2278)
Advanced Tech Guide (for the Falcon)
PSC (95A051048)
Serial cable for the Falcon dock
PSC (11-0084)
Nimh/NICD Charger, Single-slot, 110V
Specs: Datalogic Battery Charger
PSC (00-980-005)
Dock (Graphite - Requires 00-892-10 Power supply) for the Falcon
Specs: Datalogic Single Slot Data Terminal Cradle
PSC (00-910-00)
Softcase (for the Falcon with Laser) for the 310 and 315 Only
PSC (00-909-00)
Softcase (for the Falcon without Laser)
PSC (00-908-00)
Holster (Nylon/Foam) for the Falcon 31X, 32X and 33X - Batch and RF
Specs: Nylon, Foam
PSC (00-892-10)
Power supply (120V) for Decoders PT 2000, Topgun and Pocketreaders
Specs: 110V AC Input Voltage
PSC (00-884-32)
Serial Cable (for the Falcon 4410/4420 Dock)
Specs: Serial
PSC (00-863-01)
Single-Slot Battery Charger (with 110V Power supply) for the Falcon
PSC (00-862-00)
Battery Pack (NiCAD) for the PT/TG/Falcon
Specs: Nickel-Cadmium (NiCd) - 1000 mAh - 3.6V DC
PSC (00-736-00)
Universal Program Generator (for PSC Products Only)
Specs: Application Development Software

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