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Symbol WSS Accessories

The Breath-o-prene fabric is ideal for use in heavy-duty applications in busy industrial environments. This fabric allows air to flow through to help maximize user comfort. It can significantly reduce skin irritation and moisture problems associated with other fabrics.
  • High Performance on all Types of Barcodes - Total flexibility, reads poor quality codes of the type often found in warehouse environments
  • 20 lb./9 kg Breakaway Force Factor - To protect employees, scanner automatically breaks away from the finger with 20 lbs./9 kg of pressure.
  • Adjustable Strap - Fits fingers of all sizes, strap can be changed quickly from user to user, thus eliminating hygiene concerns.
  • Adjustable, Thumb-Activated Scanner Button - Extremely easy and natural to use, and equally comfortable for right- and left-handers
  • Compatible for retrofit to existing devices, RS 1 provides standard 5-volt laser scanner output - Easy, cost-effective way to expand the performance of computers from Symbol and other manufacturers, adds barcode scanning to the popular PDT 3100 and 3300 Portable Data Terminals enabling upgrade path and increasing return from existing investment .
  • Innovative Ring Scanner - Hands-free operation for improved efficiency and greater speed and productivity including moving packages, products or materials
  • Low Power Consumption Maximizes Battery Life in Portable Applications - Maintains the productivity of the operator as battery provides power for a full work shift on one charge when worn with the WSS 1040 system
  • Mylar Scan Element - No friction means no wear and tear on the moving parts to ensure a long life of trouble-free, reliable operation
  • Only .9 in./2.3 cm High - Low profile protects ring scanner from accidental knocks and damage
  • Red/Green LED on ring - Confirms successful scan for operator
  • Weighs 1.7 oz./48 gm - Ideal for extended wear without fatigue to reduce stress
WSS Accessories
Wrist Mount and Bridge Assembly for the Wearable System
Specs: Scanner Accessory
Symbol (RS1-I0124-00)
RS1 Ring Scanner (Class II with Brighter LED)
Specs: Laser - Wearable Scanner
Symbol (KT-56930-01R)
Kit (Strap Assembly Replacement Signet)
Symbol (KT-56902-01)
WSS Kit (Watch Pin Replacement Signet - 100 pieces) for the WSS 1040
Specs: Scanner Accessory
Symbol (KT-39477-02R)
Kit (Extension Straps)
Specs: Motorola Wrist Mount Extension Straps
Global Technology Systems Symbol Replacement Battery (HWS1000-LI20)
Symbol Replacement Battery, WSS1000 Series Battery Replacement. OEM Part Numbers: (Part# 20-16228-07) / (Part# 20-16228-09), Lithium-ion, 2000 mAh, 3.7V
Symbol (CS1000-2100)
Single-Slot Cradle (with Power supply and Line Cord) for the WSS 1000
Specs: 1 Slot (s) - Symbol WSS10XX Barcode scanner
Symbol (50-14000-045)
Power supply AC Adapter/International
Specs: AC Adapter
Symbol (25-19298-01)
Null Modem Cable (25-Pin Female-9-Pin Female) for the WSS 1000
Symbol (21-38862-04R)
Wristmount Assembly (without Back Boot) for the WSS1040 Wearable
Specs: Motorola Wrist Mount for WSS 1040 Scanner
Symbol (21-38862-01R)
Wrist Mount (with Back Boot, Breath-o-Prene) for the WSS 1040
Specs: Scanner Accessory
Symbol (21-38862-01)
Wrist-Mount (with Back Boot) for the WSS 1040
Specs: Scanner Accessory - Symbol WSS 1040 Wearable Scanner
Symbol (21-36273-01R)
Front Rugged Boot (S24) for the WSS1040 and WSS1060
Symbol (21-32956-01R)
Bridge Assembly (Spectrum24 Version) for the WSS 1040.
Specs: Scanner Accessory
Symbol (21-32665-09R)
UBC 2000 Battery Adapter, For The Wu-1000 Series
Symbol (21-32117-01)
Wrist Mount Assembly (with Back Boot) for WSS Wearable Scanners
Symbol (20-33831-02)
Ring Mount (with Trigger and Strap) for the RS1 Ring Scanner
Specs: Scanner Accessory - Symbol RS-1 Ring Scanner
Symbol (20-16228-09)
Battery Pack (Lithium-Ion) for the WSS 1000
Specs: Lithium Ion (Lithium-ion) - 3.7V DC

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