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Unitech Scanners, Keyboards & More

Unitech manufactures a full range of AIDC products, including barcode decoders, scanners, portable and fixed terminals, and a variety of keyboard products.

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Top Unitech Products

Unitech HT630 Handheld Computers Unitech HT630
Handheld Computers

$391.50 to $470.50
Unitech MS100 Barcode Scanners Unitech MS100
Barcode Scanners

$78.90 to $81.60

All Unitech Products

Unitech EA500 Handheld Computers

Unitech EA500

The EA500 offers an integrated 2D scanning capability, as well as an integrated HF/NFC RFID reader/writer, GPS, and a high resolution 8.0 megapixel camera. An IP-67 rating against water and dust, able to withstand multiple 5 ft. drops to concrete...


Unitech EA602 Handheld Computers

Unitech EA602

A rugged mobile computer that combines strong features with powerful data collection is exactly what Unitech's EA602 does. Runs on the Android 7.1 operating system with a 1.4GHz Octa-Core processor making this device suitable for data-intensive...


Unitech HT1 Handheld Computers

Unitech HT1

Unitech introduces its latest compact handheld terminal, - the HT1. It is a pocket-sized, Android-based mobile computer with superior data collection, suitable for a wide range of applications including retail, transportation, and warehousing

$568.80 to $595.20

Unitech PA520 Handheld Computers

Unitech PA520

Unitech PA520 is a compact sized enterprise PDA that provides a comprehensive wireless platform since it integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth communication, making it quick and easy to stay connected. Equipped with 1D/2D imager, RFID reader, NFC and...

$675.00 to $859.80

Unitech PA520 MCA Handheld Computers

Unitech PA520 MCA

PA520 was built with the efficiency of your health care agency in mind. As such, this handheld computer features durable housing that is both antimicrobial and disinfectant-ready. Your new data collection tool repels germs and withstands exposure to...


Unitech PA692 RFID RFID Readers

Unitech PA692 RFID

The PA692 is a rugged mobile computer that combines the latest 3.75G wireless communication and advanced performance to provide the best data communications in today"s aggressive business environment. PA692 also offers field-based workers with a...

Unitech PA692A Handheld Computers

Unitech PA692A

Operates like a smartphone. Performs like a classic handheld computer. Make your Android investment a lasting one""the PA692A is our most durable Android handheld yet.


Unitech PA700 MCA Handheld Computers

Unitech PA700 MCA

Unitech PA700MCA brings a new level of compact size, functionality and durable construction to a mobile clinical assistant. Not only delivering a slim device with stylish look, but also equipped with hospital-grade functions to meet the needs in...


Unitech PA700V Handheld Computers

Unitech PA700V

Deliver the connectivity your customers crave wit teh PA700V. This stylish device is always connected to the heart of their business. Utilized the intuitive power of 4G Android with the rugged efficiency of enterprise computing on the PA700V.


Unitech PA726

Unitech PA726

Revolutionize the way you do business with the New PA726, a stylish and intuitive mobile computer that comes with an integrated 1D/2D barcode scanner. Featuring an Android 7.1.2 Operating System, the most up-to-date Android experience, the PA726...

$810.00 to $1,068.40

Unitech PA730 Handheld Computers

Unitech PA730

The PA730 is a powerful partner on the sales floor, helping your sales associates look up stock and price information from the warehouse and process payments without ever leaving the customer. The PA730 is also sealed against dust and protected...

$787.00 to $1,051.60

Unitech HT630 Handheld Computers

Unitech HT630

The ruggedness of the Unitech HT630 boosts high productivity and guarantees the investment for Enterprise Users. The HT630 provides out-of-the-box functionality via five ready-made common applications. The flexible modular design including barcode...

$391.50 to $470.50

Unitech HT682 Handheld Computers

Unitech HT682

Streamline your business processes with the versatile Unitech HT682 handheld terminal, ideal for manufacturing, logistics and transportation applications. With an area imager designed for high volume scanning, the HT682 brings a new level of...

$720.90 to $1,051.60

Unitech MS650

Unitech MS650

The MS650 Ring Scanner is an ultra compact Bluetooth barcode scanner, allowing you to wear it on your finger to keep both hands free for movement scanning. The MS650 is capable of reading all one-dimensional barcodes and is designed to streamline...


Unitech MS652

Unitech MS652

The new MS652 from Unitech has a rugged design and supports IP42 protection against water and dust. The ergonomic and compact design allows users to work freely with two hands to improve productivity in the workplace. With Bluetooth BLE 4.2 and NFC...


Unitech WD100

Unitech WD100

With Qualcomm quad-core processor 2GB RAM / 16GB Flash, Android 5.1 OS, Rechargeable, full-shift battery, and 4" HD display, makes the Unitech WD100 a great wearable mobile computer.


Unitech TB128 Tablet Computers

Unitech TB128

Scan, swipe, or type your data into this powerful machine. The TB128 features an integrated 37 key keyboard and your choice of 1D or 2D barcode scanner or MSR reader. Whether it"s scanning digital barcodes off screens on the sales floor or...

$1,134.00 to $2,058.80

Unitech TB160 Tablet Computers

Unitech TB160

Introducing the new Unitech TB160 - a rugged Windows 10 tablet equipped with a sunlight viewable multi-touch 10.1" display that responds to touch commands even with gloved hands or water drops covering the screen. The definition of versatility,...

$2,551.50 to $3,037.50

Unitech AS10 Barcode Scanners

Unitech AS10

If you only need the basics, don't look any further than the AS10 barcode scanner. The AS10 barcode scanner is an affordable option for streamlining your data collection. Easy to use and configure, this bestseller makes the barcode scanning process...

$36.80 to $48.60

Unitech MS250 Barcode Scanners

Unitech MS250

The cost-effective and reliable MS250 handheld scanner provides the optimum combination of performance which makes it an ideal scanning tool for a wide range of market applications, such as point-of-sale, document processing, personal data...

$39.50 to $48.10

Unitech MS280

Unitech MS280

The Unitech MS280 is an integrated and light weight design on the MS280/MS282. It brings stunning user experience with its stylish and sleek design. Featuring a custom cover service that fits your business style and versatile scanning modes where it...


Unitech MS282

Unitech MS282

The MS282 is a rugged 2D barcode scanner which is compact, trendy, for a wide range of markets and applications. This customizable scanner fosters an elegant mood and enhances the branding level to your workforce.


Unitech MS340 Barcode Scanners

Unitech MS340

The next generation in 1D scanning, MS340 is equipped with advanced scanning technology that provides a superior data capture performance.

$68.00 to $80.30

Unitech MS340B BT CCD Barcode Scanners

Unitech MS340B BT CCD

MS340B, Unitech's latest long range wireless CCD scanner, has been enhanced to provide reliable scanning for rugged applications in field service, industrial production and retail. Featuring industrial and military standards, this affordable...


Unitech MS832 Barcode Scanners

Unitech MS832

Delivering effective data capture, the MS832 area-imaging scanner offers high performance for increasing productivity. The cost-effective and reliable handheld scanner is an ideal scanning tool for a wide variety of applications, such personal...


Unitech MS837 Barcode Scanners

Unitech MS837

With advanced laser scanning technology, MS837 has a longer working range and a wider scan field than a typical CCD device. Pulsing-laser-line switch allows users to easily target the desired barcode and complete data transmission with the...

$94.50 to $102.00

Unitech MS840 ESD Barcode Scanners

Unitech MS840 ESD

The MS840ESD supports a wide range of connectivity options including USB, RS-232 and Keyboard wedge. With auto-adapting capabilities, MS840ESD is easy to install and operate with simple connecting the scanner to the host device. Moreover,...


Unitech MS840B Barcode Scanners

Unitech MS840B

The new Unitech MS840B wireless laser scanner is enriched with a high-speed Mantis decoder and a powerful scan engine to optimize data capture efficiency. Supporting point-to-point and multi point-to-point use, the MS840B allows at least 3 guns to...

Unitech MS840P Barcode Scanners

Unitech MS840P

The MS840P is ideal for various solutions in warehousing, retail, and health care, where flexibility, durability, and reliability are essential. With an intuitive wireless design, the MS840P provides users with greater productivity without...

$229.50 to $289.40

Unitech MS842 Barcode Scanners

Unitech MS842

Due to the high speed decoder and high performance engine this MS842 2D scanner is one of the most efficient scanning solution in its class. It can easily be used in high demanding scanning applications like ticket management or security during...

$210.40 to $637.80

Unitech MS842B Barcode Scanners

Unitech MS842B

Th MS842B supports 1D and 2D barcodes and boasts impressive features such as high frame rate, broad illumination range, wide skew and pitch angles making it perfect for inventory management, ticket management, access verification, and many more...


Unitech MS842e Barcode Scanners

Unitech MS842e

The MS842e 2D handheld scanners featuring the industry"s superior 2D imaging technology, and combing with rugged material and compact design, the device is a cost-effective and reliable tool for enterprises to streamline processes in a broad variety...

$184.10 to $368.20

Unitech MS842eH Barcode Scanners

Unitech MS842eH

The Unitech MS842eH is a durable, high performance family of handheld scanners available in 2D imager models. Constructed with an antimicrobial enclosure for the needs of health care, caregivers can depend on this scanner without hesitation,...


Unitech MS842P Barcode Scanners

Unitech MS842P

Delivering efficiency, durability and compact size, the device combines superior 1D and 2D barcode scanning with the freedom of wireless technology. The well integrated mobility design allows users to move around without being restricted, while...

$334.10 to $816.80

Unitech MS912+ Barcode Scanners

Unitech MS912+

The MS912+ was designed for integration into field sales / service, retail, and supply chains. However, this barcode scanner is a versatile tool for anyone on the go. This compact barcode scanner facilitates a variety of field-based applications:...

$144.70 to $157.80

Unitech MS916 Barcode Scanners

Unitech MS916

The new MS916 Wireless Pocket Laser Scanner is part of Unitech's latest generation of advanced handheld barcode readers. A wireless device, this pocket-sized scanner offers several outstanding features.


Unitech MS920 Barcode Scanners

Unitech MS920

Unitech MS920 is a new generation of wireless 2D barcode scanner that doubles the excellent decoding performance in a pocket-sized enclosure. Thanks to its compact & lightweight design for easy mobility, MS920 allows enterprises to simply scan and...


Unitech MS926 Barcode Scanners

Unitech MS926

The Unitech MS926 is a new generation of wireless 2D pocket scanner that doubles the excellent decoding performance in a pocket-sized enclosure. Thanks to its 1-inch OLED display & lightweight design for easy mobility, MS926 allows enterprises to...


Unitech RP901 RFID Readers

Unitech RP901

Unique from typical RFID readers, unitech launches its first pocket-sized UHF RFID reader with EPC Class 1 Gen2 and ISO 18000-6C standards, RP901. Designed to deliver the highly mobile worker with RFID reading capability in a compact form factor,...

$627.40 to $641.40

Unitech MS100 Barcode Scanners

Unitech MS100

The MS100U barcode wand is targeted toward low reading volume and cost effective solutions. The advanced optics and electronic design convert barcode labels into a high quality digital signal. Able to read color, faded and low contrast barcodes...

$78.90 to $81.60

Unitech FC75 Barcode Scanners

Unitech FC75

The FC75 reads all barcodes quickly and aggressively. The powerful fixed mount imager not only captures printed 1D and 2D barcodes, it also reads them off screens. Mobile barcodes - barcodes customers carry on their smartphones or tablets as...


Unitech K2714 Point of Sale Keyboards

Unitech K2714

To minimize costs generated by training and operating errors, we added 21 relengedable keys that support adding color, icons and text, reducing the learning time and costly typing errors. Furthermore, the K2714 ships with our Windows-based Keyboard...


Unitech K2724 Point of Sale Keyboards

Unitech K2724

The K2724 POS Keyboard features a dual track Magnetic Stripe Reader and built-in barcode scanner port providing a space-saving one-piece solution suitable for point of sale banking and other commerce applications. It provides basic customization...

$113.90 to $137.70

Unitech K2726 Point of Sale Keyboards

Unitech K2726

The K2726 POS Keyboard features a triple track Magnetic Stripe Reader and built-in barcode scanner port, providing a space-saving, one-piece solution suitable for point of sale, banking, and other commerce applications.--The K2726 provides basic...

$132.80 to $146.30

Unitech K595

Unitech K595

Unitech's mini keyboard is easy to place just where you need it, making it an asset for applications across the board. Take advantage of its slim design and bring it out to a busy warehouse, workstation or office space. The K595 is available with...

$35.00 to $50.30

Unitech K19 Point of Sale Keyboards

Unitech K19

The Unitech K19 numeric keypad works as a stand alone unit or as an external keypad for notebook computers. The K19 keypad can be connected to a computer or terminal via USB interface.


Unitech FC99 Point of Sale Systems

Unitech FC99

The FC99 is an all-in-one Android point-of-sale system. It features a gorgeous 10.1" capacitive touchscreen and a convenient 3" thermal printer compartment for maximum ease-of-use. The terminal is easily customized for your speci c retail needs and...


Unitech FC79 Barcode Scanners

Unitech FC79

Save time with the FC79's easy hands-free design. Automatic scanning technology saves time at the register, improving customer satisfaction and enhancing your store"s efficiency.


Unitech MS146

Unitech MS146

The MS146 family of barcode slot readers is a flexible, cost effective solution when you demand a reliable and rugged slot reader. With a resolution of up to 6 mils (0.15 mm), the MS146 is capable of reading any barcoded identification badge. It's...

$61.20 to $100.30

Unitech MSR206 Credit Card Swiper

Unitech MSR206

Manual Swipe Magnetic Card Reader-Writer MSR206 Series is designed to offer a card reading-writing solution for ISO 7811-6 formats. --The MSR206 reads and writes up to 3 tracks of data e.g. decoding-encoding and verifying up to 3 tracks of data...

$453.20 to $720.20

Unitech MS246 Credit Card Swiper

Unitech MS246

The Unitech MS246 is an intelligent, programmable magnetic stripe reader that provides a wide range of functionality and value in a convenient package size. The entire unit is just 100 mm long, about the length of a credit card. It reads up to three...


Unitech MSR120 Credit Card Swiper

Unitech MSR120

The MSR120 is a unique mag stripe reader with RS-232 emulation with a USB cable, allowing greater compatibility to older back-end systems. Businesses looking for tried and true technology to use with their trusted infrastructure can rely on the...


Unitech MT800 Junior Kruger Fixed/Vehicle Mount Data Terminals

Unitech MT800 Junior Kruger

The MT800 is serving in TASHI Elfin integrated solution, running with a variety of major standard features such as door phone and security guard intercom. Its key role play is as a master controller in Home/Office sectors applying with Elfin to...


Unitech MT880 Fixed/Vehicle Mount Data Terminals

Unitech MT880

MT880, a fancy pioneer of flat panel device, is intended to build with state of the art technologies and enable our valuable partners to be readily distinguished from opponents as well as exercising higher competitive advantage over the solution...


Unitech PC55 Fixed/Vehicle Mount Data Terminals

Unitech PC55

The PC55 is an entry level, small and attractive price checker featuring the latest technology with interface options such as Wireless RF or hard wired Ethernet. Depending on the font set, the bright and vivid screen can display up to 20 characters...

$529.10 to $550.30

Unitech PC66 Fixed/Vehicle Mount Data Terminals

Unitech PC66

With a 4.3 inch color display the PC66 can provide customers easy access to price verifying functionality for customer self-service. With the color screen, the PC66 also provides "Vivid broadcasting" (Optional by project base) functionality with the...

Unitech PC88 Fixed/Vehicle Mount Data Terminals

Unitech PC88

The Unitech PC88 is a color-screen price checker with a 5.7 inch color display. The PC88 provides the price verifying functionality for customer self-service, allowing store employees to do more. With the 5.7 inch color screen, the PC88 has a...

$853.20 to $892.90

Unitech MT650 Fixed/Vehicle Mount Data Terminals

Unitech MT650

The MT650 is the new upgraded version of the MR650 fixed mount terminal. This multifunctional terminal is ideally suited for time management, access control, loyalty programs, intercom, work-in-process and surveillance applications. Running on the...

$1,181.30 to $1,552.50

Unitech RS816

Unitech RS816

Unitech RS816 is the enterprise grade UHF RFID Fixed Reader which supports 16 reading antenna ports for mass data collection that enhances working efficiency for various RFID applications. Featuring a high-speed antenna switch and multiple isolation...


Unitech MT200 Fixed/Vehicle Mount Data Terminals

Unitech MT200

MT200 is an IP based access control terminal featuring video intercom and ID card verification. It serves as a door or gate phone station when working with Elfin home automation system of TASHI product line.

$465.80 to $546.80

Unitech MT380e

Unitech MT380e

The MT380 is an IP-based multifunction terminal with video intercom for time and attendance, access control, and a variety of other applications. The MT380 features an embedded Windows OS, Ethernet or Wi-Fi high-speed communication, a QVGA display,...


Unitech BD100

Unitech BD100

Unitech BD100 is a windows 10 wearable computer used for a wide range of enterprise applications. It can be used for various applications the help improve workflow.

Unitech Parts

Products and parts from Unitech.

$18.00 to $1,183.90

Unitech Service Contracts

Protect your investment with a Service Contract. Unitech Service Contracts include various durations and response times. Call for more information.

$15.90 to $425.50

Unitech MT380 TASHI Fixed/Vehicle Mount Data Terminals

Unitech MT380 TASHI

The Unitech MT380 TASHI is one of the most compact IP based Time & Attendance and Access Control terminals on the market. It can be applied to many applications via a Windows CE 5.0 operating system. Ensure security with one of several supporting...

$1,057.70 to $1,274.30

Unitech MS280 Accessories

Unitech MS836

Unitech MS836

The MS836 is a cost effective 1D scanning solution, featuring multiple scanning modes. Capable of reading 3mil 39 barcodes and long labels up to 40 alphanumeric characters.


Unitech MS846

Unitech MS846

MS846 is a 2D barcode scanner that features multiple scanning modes with IP42 rating and 1.5 meters drop protection to concrete. It can read barcodes on various types of surface material, paper, mobile/ computer screen, and etc.


Unitech RP100 RFID Readers

Unitech RP100

Unitech's RP100 RFID reader is a great add-on for the EA500/502 for quick scanning and tagging inventory. Designed with a gun grip for easy and portable use. The wide range in RFID frequencies make this a widely applicable device. Capable of reading...

$904.50 to $1,258.20

Unitech PA760 Mobile Computer

Unitech PA760 Mobile Computer

Redefining productivity, the PA760 mobile computer is powerful and full of features that allows you to customize and future-proof your device. Designed with the latest Android operating system, Android, to help keep applications running faster,...

$742.50 to $918.00

Unitech HT510 Handheld Terminal

Unitech HT510 Handheld Terminal

Unitech's HT510 handheld terminal is the ideal data collector for operators to easily navigate throught their daily tasks. Designed for harsh enviornments, HT510 rugged design withstand multiple drops to concrete and equipped with IP65 environmental...

$680.00 to $1,187.80

Unitech TB85 Tablet

Unitech TB85 Tablet

Scalable, rugged, and powered by Android 8.0 operating system, the Unitech's TB85 tablet is the versatile tablet that you need in yours business. With intuitive usability combine with the most up to date Android experience and Google Mobile Service....

$796.20 to $951.10

Unitech PA692 - Discontinued.

Unitech FC77 - Discontinued.

Unitech PA700 - Discontinued. Replaced by the Unitech PA726

Unitech PA720 - Discontinued. Replaced by the Unitech PA726

Unitech TB120 - Discontinued. Replaced by the Unitech TB128

Unitech MS840 - Discontinued.

Unitech MS910 - Discontinued.

Unitech MS180 - Discontinued. Replaced by the Unitech MS250

Unitech MS210 - Discontinued. Replaced by the Unitech AS10

Unitech MS330 - Discontinued. Replaced by the Unitech MS331

Unitech MS335 - Discontinued. Replaced by the Unitech MS320

Unitech MS336 - Discontinued.

Unitech MS337 - Discontinued. Replaced by the Unitech MS842

Unitech MS337H - Discontinued.

Unitech MS380 - Discontinued. Replaced by the Unitech MS340B BT CCD

Unitech MS810 - Discontinued.

Unitech MS830 - Discontinued.

Unitech MS860 - Discontinued.

Unitech MS120 - Discontinued.

Unitech MS240 - Discontinued. Replaced by the Unitech MS246

Unitech MS241 - Discontinued. Replaced by the Unitech MS246

Unitech K270 - Discontinued.

Unitech KP3700 - Discontinued.

Unitech KP3800 - Discontinued.

Unitech PA500 - Discontinued. Replaced by the Unitech PA500e

Unitech PA550 - Discontinued.

Unitech PA600 - Discontinued. Replaced by the Unitech PA690

Unitech PA600 MCA - Discontinued.

Unitech PA690 - Discontinued. Replaced by the Unitech PA692

Unitech PA800 - Discontinued.

Unitech PA950 - Discontinued.

Unitech PA962 - Discontinued.

Unitech PA963 - Discontinued.

Unitech PA966 - Discontinued.

Unitech PA967 - Discontinued.

Unitech PA968 - Discontinued. Replaced by the Unitech PA692

Unitech PA982 - Discontinued.

Unitech PA500 Asset Management Bundle - Discontinued.

Unitech PA500 Inventory Management Bundle - Discontinued.

Unitech PA600 Asset Management Bundle - Discontinued.

Unitech PA600 Inventory Management Bundle - Discontinued.

Unitech RS700 - Discontinued.

Unitech RH767 II - Discontinued.

Unitech TB100 - Discontinued.

Unitech HT580 - Discontinued. Replaced by the Unitech HT630

Unitech HT660e - Discontinued.

Unitech HT680 - Discontinued. Replaced by the Unitech HT682

Unitech HT680 Compare With History Bundle - Discontinued.

Unitech MP200 - Discontinued.

Unitech MP300 - Discontinued.

Unitech PA690MCA - Discontinued.

Unitech MR650 - Discontinued.

Unitech Militags Bundle - Discontinued.

Unitech Militags Zebra Bundle - Discontinued.

Unitech Militags Datamax Bundle - Discontinued.

Unitech ClockView - Discontinued.

Unitech MS265 - Discontinued. Replaced by the Unitech MS330

Unitech MS300 - Discontinued. Replaced by the Unitech MS330

Unitech MS331 - Discontinued. Replaced by the Unitech MS335

Unitech MS690 - Discontinued. Replaced by the Unitech MS830

Unitech MS140 - Discontinued.

Unitech MSR200 - Discontinued. Replaced by the ID Tech MiniMag

Unitech K22 - Discontinued. Replaced by the Unitech K19

Unitech K500 - Discontinued.

Unitech KP270 - Discontinued.

Unitech KP2724 - Discontinued.

Unitech KP2726 - Discontinued.

Unitech HT660 - Discontinued. Replaced by the Unitech HT660e

Unitech PT500 - Discontinued. Replaced by the Unitech PT630

Unitech PT600 - Discontinued. Replaced by the Unitech PT630

Unitech PT630 - Discontinued. Replaced by the Unitech HT630

Unitech PT 805 - Discontinued. Replaced by the Unitech PT630

Unitech PT815 - Discontinued. Replaced by the Unitech PT630

Unitech PT930 - Discontinued. Replaced by the Unitech PA962

Unitech PA960 - Discontinued.

Unitech MR550 - Discontinued.

Unitech PW105 - Discontinued.

Unitech PW110 - Discontinued.

Unitech PW112 - Discontinued.

Unitech PW120 - Discontinued.

Unitech MS320 - Discontinued.

Unitech PA690 RFID - Discontinued.

Unitech SRD650 - Discontinued.

Unitech PA968II - Discontinued.

Unitech MS912 - Discontinued. Replaced by the Unitech MS912+

Unitech MS839E - Discontinued. Replaced by the Unitech MS840

Unitech PA500e - Discontinued.

Unitech RH768 - Discontinued.

Unitech EA600 - Discontinued. Replaced by the Unitech EA602

Unitech PA820 - Discontinued. Replaced by the Unitech PA692


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