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Barcode Scanner: Wireless, Handheld, & More

Barcode Discount carries a wide variety of barcode scanners from top brands such as Motorola, Honeywell, Datalogic, Symbol, Unitech, Metrologic, Socket and many more. While one size does not fit all, we have a range of barcode readers that are laser, imager, corded, cordless, Bluetooth, fixed, in-counter, and presentation. We also have the latest barcode scanners and sleds that are compatible with smartphones and tablets, such as the iPhone and iPad. We not only have all the barcode scanning hardware you need to build the perfect barcode solution for your business, we also offer unmatched industry expertise and superior service every step of the way. Search our catalog below for the right barcode scanner for your business.

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  1. NCR RealPOS High Performance Bi-Optic Scanner/Scale Scanner

    The NCR RealPOS High Performance Bi-Optic Scanner/Scale leads the way with superior operational performance. This scanner features NCR"s Optical Effects Technology (OFX) in a cutting-edge design that drives more scan lines at greater lengths and angles to dramatically improve performance. The resulting dense pattern of scan lines captures and reads even difficult barcodes, including those that are small and truncated. This extensive scan coverage and higher-performance read rate provide an overall productivity boost for all users novice to experienced cashiers as well as self-checkout customers.
  2. 5YQ08AT - HP

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  3. Cognex DataMan 8050 Series Compact Fixed-mount Barcode Reader

    Cognex's DataMan 8050 Series of barcode scanners are constructed to handle the harshest environments. Designed with world-class barcode reading algorithms to decode challenging barcodes quickly and easily including Direct Part Mark codes. Engineered with multiple interface options: RS-232 Serial, USB and Ethernet for corded configurations or Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for cordless configurations.
  4. Honeywell MS9535 Voyager BT Scanner

    VoyagerBT is a wireless, laser barcode scanner designed for low to medium throughput Point of Sale (POS) or light warehouse applications where the convenience of a wireless handheld scanner is needed.
  5. Cognex DataMan 8070 Series Compact Fixed-mount Barcode Reader

    Packed with powerful features the DataMan 8070 Series from Cognex has everything it needs to capture and grade even the most difficult of Direct Part Mark codes. Designed with field-interchangeable communication modules to easily integrate with factory networks that allow each reader to be configured to meet specific communication needs.
  6. Cognex DataMan 8600 Series Compact Fixed-mount Barcode Reader

    The DataMan 8600 Series offers superior image formation on the most mark types and surfaces and features an improved, patented UltraLight, faster image sensor along with new liquid lens. Designed to handle both corded and cordless interface options, the DataMan 8600 has the features your application needs to image barcodes faster and easier on the widest range of surfaces and at distances both near and far.
  7. Opticon L-50 Scanner

    Opticon's L-50 series of handheld barcode scanners are designed for a wide variety of retail applications. Has the perfect combination of performance, durability, and style.
  8. Datalogic PowerScan PM9501 Auto Range Barcode Scanner

    PowerScan PM9501 rugged barcode scanner from Datalogic's auto range series is the top performing industrial handheld scanner with extra long barcode scanning capabilities on 1D/2D barcodes. Its has capabilities to autofocus which allows the scanner to read from a short distance of 6 in to a distance of more than 65 ft. with a fast autofocus adjustment. The auto range system is available in a desk model (PD9531-AR), cordless model (PM9501-AR), or Bluetooth wireless technology (PBT9501-AR).
  9. Datalogic Magellan 1500i Scanner

    Datalogic's Magellan 1500i is a high performance presentaion scanner for a variety of applications including retail point of sale, pharmacy and customer service. The compact design paired with Datalogic's imaging scanning expertise creates the most powerful presentation scanner on the market. Designed with a high-performance megapixel sensor and custom optics to create a large reading area capable of reading distances up to 25 cm and 1D sweeps speeds up to 1.5 m/s.
  10. Datalogic Gryphon I GM4500

    The GM4500 is the latest in Datalogic's popular Gryphon series of scanners. The 2D wireless scanners were designed for general purpose applications and are the first to have the innovative contactless, wireless charging system. The omnidirectional imager allows for snappy scanning on all common 1D and 2D barcodes. Designed with Datalogic's patented Green Spot technology and vibration for superior good-read technology.

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  • Datalogic Scanner

    Datalogic Scanner

    Datalogic Barcode Scanners are ideal for the manufacturing, healthcare, transportation & logistics, retail, and services industries. A Datalogic scanner has a reputation for being durable, reliable, and high performing. Datalogic’s focus on data capture has enabled them to be a leader in corded, cordless, presentation, and in-counter/grocery scanning. Check out our full line of Datalogic Scanners below or call one of our experts to request a volume discount.
  • Hand Held Scanner
  • Honeywell Scanner

    Honeywell Scanner

    Honeywell Barcode Scanners are equipped with some of the best scan engines to capture data from 1D and 2D barcodes. Honeywell scanners can come in a handheld, presentation, or in-counter/grocery form factor and can be corded or cordless depending on your business requirements. Honeywell’s most popular barcode scanners include the Voyager Series, Granit Series, and Xenon Series. Check out our full line of Honeywell Scanners below or call one of our experts to request a volume discount.
  • Metrologic Scanner

    Metrologic Scanner

    Metrologic Barcode Scanners are affordable and reliable scanners that can be used for customers looking to capture data in point of sale or inventory applications. Their 1D and 2D scanning technology is industry-leading and their line of in-counter scanners is highly recommended for grocery chains. While Metrologic was acquired by Honeywell in 2008, they have remained a reputable barcode scanner manufacturer. Additionally, they join a line of Honeywell Mobile Computers that are barcode readers equipped with a full operating system. Check out our full line of Honeywell Scanners below or call one of our experts to request a volume discount.
  • Motorola Scanner

    Motorola Scanner

    Motorola handheld scanners have been a reputation as industry-leading data capture devices. The Motorola barcode scanners are equipped with imager and laser scanning technology, which allows both linear barcodes and QR codes to be read. The Motorola scanners come in all shapes and sizes, including handheld, presentation, wearable, price checker, and mobile computer (includes operating system). See below to get the right Motorola barcode scanner for your application. Don’t forget to call us for quantity discounts.
  • Symbol Scanner

    Symbol Scanner

    Symbol Barcode Scanners are built to last. Their optimal scanning technology has earned them a reputation as an industry leader in data collection. Symbol Barcode Scanners are offered in corded, cordless, general purpose, and rugged, which makes their ergonomic designs preferred by diverse industries. Symbol was acquired by Motorola in 2006 to extend their product portfolio into mobile computers. Check out our full line of Symbol Barcode Scanners below or call one of our experts to request a volume discount.
  • Zebra Scanner
  • AirTrack Scanner

    AirTrack Scanner

    AirTrack's scanning solutions are the perfect blend of high performance and value. Whether you need to scan off of a smartphone screen or basic product labels, AirTrack scanners will provide the reliability you need without breaking budget.

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