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REA JET Verifier

REA JET offers simple, portable devices to complex precision verification devices for checking and evaluating the readability of printed and directly marked codes from one source. They develop and manufacture code verification devices for quality control of barcodes and matrixcodes.

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  1. REA JET Check ER Verifier

    The REA CHECK ER is a combination of a very small device which includes the powerful and comfort features of the REA Verifier product line. The small size and solid State construction makes this device a perfect tool for portable barcode verification.
  2. REA JET ScanCheck 3 Verifier

    The REA ScanCheck 3 is a universal, battery-operated, high-performance barcode verification device which operates in accordance with current standards. The verifications document compliance with quality goals in production and monitoring of barcodes on data storage devices and products of all kinds.
  3. REA JET PC-Scan/LD3 Verifier

    The REA PC-Scan/LD3 is the only barcode verifier in the world that has these features and is thus a guarantee for the highest measurement accuracy and repeatability, with simultaneously very simple operation.
  4. REA JET MLV-2D Verifier

    The REA MLV-2D is an inspection device which complies with the international equipment norms for barcodes and matrix code inspection unit requirements. The contactless reading of optical codes takes place while maintaining defined angles, distances and lighting. With this, it enables precise and always reproducible results and quality evaluations in accordance with international inspection norms.
  5. REA JET VeriCube Verifier

    The REA VeriCube is a state-of-the-art matrix and barcode verification device which can be used across all industry sectors. Whether lying, standing or from top to bottom, virtually any test sample can be measured contact-free in the optimum measuring position

5 Item(s)

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