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Datalogic Magellan 2200VS Scanner

Datalogic Magellan 2200VS Scanner

The Magellan 2200VS vertical scanner from Datalogic was designed specifically to optimize performance for medium to high throughput applications in grocery, drug, variety, and convenience stores. Unlike competitive vertical scanners, the Magellan 2200VS offers category leading scanning performance, unique value added software features like Productivity Index Reporting, and our advanced FirstStrike decoding software. And because it's based on the Magellan platform, it does so much more.
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  • FirstStrike advanced decoding software
  • Aggressive vertical scan volume
  • Optional Productivity Index Reporting software
  • Optional RSS decoding capability
  • Powered auxiliary RS-232 port for easy integration of a handheld scanner
  • Optional EAS functionality
  • Flash memory for easy software upgrades
  • Multiple interface solution supports all popular host interfaces
  • Host diagnostic reporting
Features      Benefits
Best-In-Class Vertical Scan Volume
  • 8% or better throughput performance than the competition
  • Increases productivity by increasing First-Pass-Read-Rates, throughput, and ergonomics
  • The scan pattern is optimized for both sweep and presentation scanning
Leverages Magellan Platform
  • New electronics provide faster data acquisition and processing
  • Magellan 8000 series Value Added Software Features are available to improve POS productivity
  • Symbologies, features, and operating software can easily be upgraded in Flash memory
FirstStrike Decoding Software
  • Faster throughput on industrial symbologies
  • Higher read rate with truncated and poor quality labels
  • All popular retail and supply chain symbologies are supported including RSS decoding
  • Autodiscriminates all supported symbologies
Productivity Index Reporting
  • Helps identify poorly printed labels
  • May lead to improved read rate and throughput
  • Detects poor performing scanners and cashiers
Flash Memory
  • Scanner operating software is easily upgraded
  • Memory can be accessed via the host port (through USB or RS232) or the aux port
  • New features, symbologies, or updates for existing symbologies are easily added
New Speaker Design
  • Speaker design is heard even when ambient noise levels at the POS reach their loudest
  • The four volume increments and three tone settings can easily be adjusted to each cashier’s preference at the touch of a button
RSS Decoding
  • Improved inventory management of produce and meat
  • Reduces the need for cashier training by eliminating manual sku number entry
Host Diagnostic Reporting
  • Early warning of possible impending failures
  • Reduces downtime
  • Improved preventative maintenance

Magellan 2200VS Specifications



  • 6.0” / 15.2 cm


  • 6.0” / 15.2 cm


  • 3.41” / 8.66 cm


  • 2.5 lbs. / 1.1 kg


  • Scan lines: 20
  • Rate: 6,000 RPM
  • Depth-of-field: 8.0” / 23.3 cm
  • Read height: 6.0" / 15.2 cm


Temperature rating

  • Operating: 50° to 104° F / 10° to 40° C
  • Storage/transport: -40° to 158° F / -40° to 70° C


  • Operating: 5 to 95% NC
  • Storage/transport: 5 to 95% NC


AC Power requirements

  • 90-265 VAC, 47-63 Hz
  • 4.0 Watts (nominal), 9.6 Watts (maximum), 2.5 Watts (sleep mode)

Decoding Capability

The Magellan 2200VS autodiscriminates between all of the following supported symbologies

  • UPC Versions A&E
  • UPC Supplementals (Bookland & Coupon Code)
  • UPC Add-ons (sub 2 or P2, sub 5 or P5 & C128)
  • Reduced Space Symbology (RSS-14, expanded and stacked)
  • EAN 8, 13
  • JAN 8, 13
  • EAN/JAN two label
  • UCC/EAN 128
  • Code 39 (with full ASCII)
  • Code 128
  • Code 93
  • Interleaved 2 of 5
  • Standard 2 of 5
  • Italian Pharmacode
  • Codabar/NW7
  • MSI/Plessey



  • Standard RS232, IBM 46XX, IBM USB, USB Keyboard


  • Powered RS232 auxiliary port

Safety and Regulatory


  • EN60 950 (TÜV Europe)
  • PSE-Mark (Japan)
  • UL 60950 (USA)
  • CSA 60950 (Canada)


  • CISPR22-B (World)
  • FCC part 15 Class B (USA)
  • VCCI-B (Japan)
  • EN 55022-B (Europe)
  • NOM (Mexico)

Laser Safety

  • CDRH Class IIa (USA/Canada)
  • EN 60825-1 Class 1 (Europe)
  • IEC 60825-1 Class 1 (World) (CAUTION: Laser Radiation – do not stare into beam)
  • IEC 60825 Class 1 (Europe)


  • EAS compatibility
    • Integrated EAS hardware will work with Counterpoint IV, V, VI and VII models available from Checkpoint Systems
  • Good read acknowledgement with Sensormatic
  • OPOS and JPOS Compatible
Extended Details
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  1. M226E-00161-01040R - Datalogic Magellan 2200VS Bar code Scanner

    Magellan 2200VS, NO LOGO, with O EAS, ENHANCED, Standard US CONFIG, US POWER SUPPLY, Standard MOUNT, RS-232 CABLE-8-0730-04, Standard WARRANTY
  2. M220E-00111-06040R - Datalogic Magellan 2200VS Bar code Scanner

    Magellan 2200VS, Vertical Scanner (Enhanced, Standard USB Cable 8-0372-04, Standard MNT, Power supply and No EAS)
  3. M220E-00111-03020R - Datalogic Magellan 2200VS Vertical Bar code Scanner

    Magellan 2200VS Vertical, Scanner (Kit, IBM PRT, 9B, Scan Standard Counter Mount, US Power supply, 4.5 Meter/15 ft. Cable)
  4. 78000-00102-0000 - Datalogic Magellan 2200VS Bar code Scanner

    Vertical Scanner (No Configured Interface, No EAS, CD Manual, No Power supply, Standard Mount, Riser Kit and No Cables)
  5. 78000-00111-0302 - Datalogic Magellan 2200VS Bar code Scanner

    Vertical Scanner (IBM Interface, 9-Pin Cable-8-0224-02, Power supply and Standard Mount)
  6. 78000-00101-0308 - Datalogic Magellan 2200VS Bar code Scanner

    Vertical Scanner (IBM Interface, Manual CD, Standard Mount, Cable, No Power supply and No EAS)
  7. M2200-00111-0302 - Datalogic Magellan 2200VS Bar code Scanner

    Vertical Scanner (IBM Interface, 9-Pin Cable-8-0224-02, Power supply and Standard Mount)
  8. 78030-00211-0701A - Datalogic Magellan 2200VS Bar code Scanner

    Magellan 2200VS, Includes US power supply, Keyboard wedge cable, Mount bracket, Refer to M2230-00211-0701A
  9. M2200-00111-0104A - Datalogic Magellan 2200VS Bar code Scanner

    Vertical Scanner (RS-232, Standard Mount, Cable 8-0227-04 and Power supply)
  10. M2200-00112-0102A - Datalogic Magellan 2200VS Bar code Scanner

    Vertical Scanner (RS-232, US Power supply, Cable 8-0227-33 - 25-Pin and RSS Enabled)

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