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Symbol Mini Scan Series Fixed Mount Barcode Scanners

Design more powerful OEM solutions with the Mini Scan Series.

Enhance your kiosk with high performance, versatile data capture. One of the smallest charged couple device (CCD) imaging products available today, the Symbol MS4400 1D and 2D barcode scanning, image capture and direct part mark (DPM) reading wherever a small footprint is required. From the check-in kiosk to point of sale (POS) areas with limited counter space or even integrated within clinical diagnostic equipment, the Symbol MS4400 delivers a new level of miniaturization. With built-in features like omnidirectional scanning and intuitive aiming, the Symbol MS4400 ensures fast, accurate scanning, regardless of who is scanning or capturing images your employees or your customers.
  • Automatic, software controlled or manual triggering - Offers flexible control of unattended or hands-free applications
  • Compact rugged, durable housing with integrated beeper, mounting holes, LEDs, decoder and a variety of interfaces - Provides plug-and-play installation to reduce development time and speed up time to market
  • Easy to program simple serial interface (SSI) - Provides fast, simple interface communication with advanced features and functionality between scanner and host
  • High performance scan module with fuzzy logic decode capability - Premium scanning for all 1D barcodes including poorly printed and low contrast symbols
  • Integrated beeper with external beeper support - Allows internal or external beeper to be driven depending on application
  • MS 1207WA features a 60- scan angle - Accommodates wide barcodes at, or near, contact in high-volume scanning applications
  • MS 12XX FZY decode range from near contact to over 60 in./152 cm - Flexible decode range for maximum accuracy and efficiency
  • Multiple mounting options - Increases development flexibility
  • Optional Software Developer's Kit (SDK) - Enables creation of applications using Windows 98, 2000, and XP platforms
  • Reads all major 1D symbologies including Reduced Space Symbology - Enables devices to realize a high first-time read rate for improved productivity
  • Sealed to IP54 standards - Protects against water and dust ensuring reliable performance in rough conditions
  • Supports 123Scan utility (multiple interface 07 versions only) - Easy to use PC-based utility reduces end-user installation time
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Mini Scan Series Options
Symbol MiniScan MS1204 (MS-1204FZY-I000R)
MiniScan MS1204, Housed Scan Engine: Class 2, Serial, Fuzzy RS-232
Specs: Wired - Linear
In Stock: Ships Today
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Symbol MS 12XX MiniScan Series (MS-1204FZY-I011R)
MS 12XX MiniScan Series, 1D Laser - Fuzzy Logic - Fixed Mount - Custom for Dresser
In Stock: Ships Today
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Symbol MS954 (MS-954-I000R)
MS954, Scan Engine - 1D Laser - Fuzzy Logic - RS-232 Interface - Cable sold separately
Specs: Cable - 12 scan/s1D - Laser - Linear
Ships in 3-5 Days
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Symbol MS1207 (MS-1207FZY-I000R)
MS1207, MS 1207 MiniScan (Fixed Mount Scanner: CL 2, SL, FZY and USB-Synapse)
Specs: Wired - Linear
Ships in 3-5 Days
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Symbol MS1207 (MS-1207WA-I000R)
MS1207, MS 1207 MiniScan (Housed Scan Engine, CL 2, SL-WA, 60D and USB/Synapse). Requires cable, not included. See accessories.
Specs: Wired
In Stock: Ships Today
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Symbol MS804 (MS-804FZY-I000)
MS804, MiniScan (1D, FZY Logic, Single Scan Line, 36 Degree Angle and RS-232)
Specs: Motorola MS 804 MiniScan
Symbol MS4407 (MS-4407HD-I000R)
MS4407, MiniScan Imager (TTL, Serial and USB) Cable not included. See accessories.
Symbol MS4407 (MS-4407-I000R)
MS4407, MiniScan Imager (STD, TTL, Serial and USB)
Specs: KIT 9PIN with STAND NO Power supply
Symbol MS4404 (MS-4404HD-I000R)
MS4404, Fixed mount imager, High Density, RS-232 interface
Symbol MS4404 (MS-4404-I000R)
MS4404, Imager with Standard Density and an RS-232 serial interface.
Symbol MS3207 (MS-3207-I010R)
MS3207, MS 3207 MiniScan (Omni and USB-SYN)
Symbol MS3207 (MS-3207-I000R)
MS3207, MiniScan (CL2, Omni, USB and Housed Scan Engine)
Symbol MS3207 (MS-3207-I000)
MS3207, MiniScan (Housed Scan Engine, CL 2 Omnidirectional, USB and Synapse)
Specs: Laser - Presentation Scanner - USB
Symbol MS3204 (MS-3204-I000R)
MS3204, MS 3204 MiniScan (Fixed Mount Scanner: CL 2, Omni and RS-232)
Symbol MS3204 (MS-3204-I000)
MS3204, MiniScan (Housed Scan Engine, CL 2 Omnidirectional and RS-232)
Specs: Motorola MS3204 Barcode Reader
Symbol MS2207 (MS-2207VHD-I000R)
MS2207, MS 2207 Housed Scan Engine (Fixed Mount Scanner: CL 2, RAS, PDF417/1D)
Specs: Wired
Symbol MS2207 (MS-2207-I000R)
MS2207, MS 2207 Housed Scan Engine (Fixed Mount Scanner: CL 2, RAS, PDF417/1D and USB/SYN)
Symbol MS2207 (MS-2207-I000)
MS2207, Scanner (CL2, RAS, PDF417, 1D, USB Interface and Housed Scan Engine)
Specs: Motorola MiniScan MS2207 Barcode Reader
Symbol MS2204 (MS-2204VHD-I000R)
MS2204, MS 2204 MiniScan (Very High Density, 1D-2D Housed Scan Engine)
Specs: Wired - Linear
Symbol MS2204 (MS-2204-I000R)
MS2204, Scanner, ENG CL 2, RAS, PDF417/1D, RS-232
Symbol MS2204 (MS-2204-I000)
MS2204, MiniScan (2-D-1-D Raster Scanner, RS-232, IP54 Sealed with Integrated Beeper)
Specs: Motorola MiniScan MS2204 Barcode Reader
Symbol MS1207 (MS-1207WA-I000)
MS1207, MiniScan (Housed Scan Engine, Wide Angle for USB/Synapse - Requires Cable)
Specs: FLEX
Symbol MS1207 (MS-1207FZY-I000)
MS1207, MiniScan (Housed Scan Engine, CL 2, SL, FZY, USB/Synapse)
Specs: Motorola MiniScan MS1207 Barcode Reader
Symbol MiniScan MS1204 (MS-1204FZY-I000)
MiniScan MS1204, MiniScan (Housed Scan Engine, CL 2, SL, FZY and RS-232)
Specs: Laser
Motorola (MS-3207-I024R)
Housed Scan Eng: Cl2, Omni, Kohls
Symbol MS3204 (MS-3204-E000R)
MS3204, Housed Scan Engine, Class 1 Omnidirectional, Fixed Mount, RS-232, European version only.

Barcode Discount Symbol Mini Scan Series Review

The MS4407 is a member of the Motorola MiniScan family of compact fixed readers. Due to their small size and easy connectivity they are ideal for embedded applications like a kiosk, assembly line, or a turnstile. The MS4407 is an imager unit which opens the option to read 2D barcodes that are printed or off of a phone screen. The MS4407 is a very aggressive reader but if you are dealing with objects moving by at higher speeds you will want to look at The Microscan Quadrus MIni for its faster read rates. The MS4407 may not be the typical gun or counter scanners you most commonly see, but for any application that needs a robust scanner in another device or enclosure it provide a lot of power in a small package.

Recommended Accessories
Motorola (23844-00-00R)
US AC Line Cord - 7.5' Length - Compatible with power supplies (Part# KT-14000-148R), (Part# 50-14000-241R), and (Part# PWRS-14000-148R)
In Stock: Ships Today
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Symbol (20-60136-02R)
Gooseneck Stand - Compatible with MiniScan Series - Color: Black
In Stock: Ships Today
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Symbol (25-58923-01R)
Cable Assembly (USB, R/A) for the MS3207
In Stock: Ships Today
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Symbol (KT-65578-01R)
Adjustable Bracket - Compatible with MiniScan Series
In Stock: Ships Today
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